is the leading software platform that aggregates, curates, and publishes social media feeds for Live Events to any display screen.

  1. 1. Real Time Aggregation of Social Feeds
  2. 2. Capture User Generated Content
  3. 3. Curate the posts and images
  4. 4. Publish to any display screen
  5. 5. Engage your Audience


In real time, the software allows you to capture user-generated content from a variety of social media sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Yfrog, TwitPic and Text to Screen SMS short code messaging. The content is filtered, and hand curated for publishing to in-venue video screens, jumbotrons, websites, mobile phones, or virtually any display.


The Social Media Connect™ software enables simultaneous content streaming to an unlimited number of displays.¬†Different content can appear on different displays, all coordinated through one software interface. All display content is customizable with graphic overlays and brand logos to reinforce sponsor recognition.


With our template driven settings page, the display content can be formatted in an unlimited number of ways from newsroom style ticker tape overlays on live video feeds, to full screen branded graphic slides. Fonts, sizes, colors, backgrounds, transparent overlays, everything is possible.


With Social Media Connect™, you can now create another layer of interactivity and expand the reach beyond the event site to a much larger audience. Facebook OpenGraph API, Photo Voting, SMS Messaging, RFID Check-Ins, Twitter discussions, All of these are now possible with one application.

The increased social media traffic from thousands of event attendees provides sponsors with access to a larger customer base for future promotions. Social Media Connect™ is designed to seamlessly integrate with our Interactive RFID Event services.