SMS MobileConnect


SSN MobileConnect is a database driven Text Messaging (SMS) Gateway designed to manage and foster interactivity at your next event. Using the SSN MobileConnect platform, you can create a cost effective way to reach fans via Direct Response Marketing, regardless of what mobile phone they use, connecting with your fans at the right time, the right place, and engaging them how they play.


SMS MobileConnect provides a personal instant link between you and your attendee through:


  1. Opt-in Deal Alerts
  3. Event Updates and Reminders
  5. Mobile Coupon Delivery
  7. Exclusive Sponsor Offers
  9. Interactive Gaming

How it works:

It’s simple – the SSN MobileConnect platform manages SMS Short codes, delivery and response methods. SMS Calls to Action direct fans to text a message to a short code. The Calls to Action can appear on in-venue display screens, out-of-home marketing campaigns, point of sale locations, TV, radio, print, online display, email, and social marketing. (This versatility makes ShortCodes one of the most adaptable forms of media). The SSN MobileConnect software delivers a pre-determined response to the fan. The response can be a product information, event updates, web links, daily deals/offers, redemption codes, coupons, deal, text to screen, rewards, or achievement unlocks.

SMS Gateway

The MobileConnect software provides one location to manage Short Codes, Keywords, Messages, and data tracking of the SMS campaign.

Text to Screen Publishing

When paired with our Social Media Connect software, MobileConnect creates fan engagement through on screen conversations. Attendees can send a text message for viewing on any display screen: In-Venue Jumbotrons, websites, mobile phones, virtually any display.

Achievements and Rewards System

Through the MobileConnect platform, Sending messages to SMS Short Codes can be used to unlock achievements, accrue points, and check status. SMS messages can be used to deliver status messages or award digital badges to alert users when various tasks (or unlocks) are completed.

CRM to Develop Relationships

Through the opt-in engagement of SMS marketing, building an contact list for further communication has never been easier.

Event Information delivery system

SMS messaging provides a real time communication path to your fans by enabling deliver of last minute event information and updates. Leading up to, and during your event, Your fans can sign up for alerts and updates to stay in the know at all times.