We create highly interactive user experiences by combining the benefits of RFID and our software platform, RFconnect. Our special sauce lies within the integration of our custom developed hardware and software, offering total control over all facets of the event environment.
By using credentials and tickets embedded with RFID tags, we can activate a real time video game-esque environment with location aware engagement, trackable stats and leaderboards, social media integration, cashless purchasing and security access control.


We are a one stop solution provider for event based RFID technology. We provide all the equipment, staffing, credentials, and software coding (for interactivity and social media integration). Our system is scalable, easily handling any size event, no matter how big, or how small. Our software works seamlessly with existing ticketing databases, and we also provide our own customized registration service to ensure flawless execution.


Enough talk, take a peek at our Case Study for our most recent event highlighting the SSN Interactive RFID Platform….Click here to learn more.

Next Generation Interactivity

When your attendees acquire their credential for the first time, they know they are about to take part in something special. With SSN RFConnect system, Data acquisition is simple. People’s interactions within the event environment are logged, and then we push back information to the them either through social media channels, mobile platforms, or event based visuals (screens, tablets, mobile phones). As participants compete in games or interact with their environment, their RFID Credential tracks their progress, and can be encoded with information stating completion, or graduation to the next level of playing and access.

Share Socially

Life doesn’t stop after creating the experience. SSN allows fans to easily share what they are doing, capturing images, check-ins, and FUN automatically, and seamlessly. You can meet and exceed your attendees expectations, and have them share their stories in real time with their friends that matter most. Real stories about your event where they are not just attending, but playing an ACTIVE PARTICIPATING ROLE. How cool is that? Yea, we think so too.

Security Control

The SSN RFID technology enables highly customizable and cost effective security access controls. Our platform allows maximum control, speed, and flexibility over securing access areas. RFID credentials virtually eliminate fraud and forged tickets while providing unprecedented ability to control access to single or multiple zones based on credential privileges: ENTRY, VIP, 21+ AREAS.

Each one of our RFID entrance portals are capable of processing 1250 people per hour. Our gates can be pre-programmed with custom audio files, and lighting systems to further reinforce to the fans that they are a part of something special. The gates require minimal staffing, and no physical contact is required to check credentials. Smaller areas that need to be secured can be controlled with one individual and a portable handheld scanner.

Registration and Ticketing

The SSN RFConnect platform for registration and ticketing is user friendly and cost effective. Minimal staff, fast registration, smooth ticket acquisition, and most important: less time for your fans spent waiting. Since our service is cloud based, there can be multiple registration areas spread across several different geographic locations. Don’t need our registration services? no problem, our software interfaces with almost all ticketing services and databases.

Cashless Purchasing and Redemption

The future is here. Fans buy merchandise and food by scanning their credential. Simple, secure, and a great way to increase revenue. Money and/or credits can be quickly added at the time of ticket sales/registration, and/or onsite through cash terminals. Need to track VIP gift bags or vouchers for food? BEEP. Quickly scan the tag, your attendee is happy by receiving their goods quickly, and you know WHO and HOW many bags/vouchers have been redeemed. Did they order the hot dog or hamburger package? BEEP. done. Is it your 2nd or 5th tasty beverage? BEEP. you need to take a break 🙂

Real Time Event Metrics

With the SSN RFConnect platform, You can track, in real time, how many people are on site, at what time they entered, and in what location. Actually, you can track every interaction of every RFID scan, Social Media post, and user activity within the event environment. With this information, you can react to events as they happen, allocate resources to new areas, and send messages to the fans with timely updates and/or relevant information “There’s no waiting at Bar Four”. The real added value comes after the event is complete. With our data visualization tools, you can create heat maps and data tables over time showing what resources were used or not used. What entrance was busy at which time? How many photos were taken here or there?
The possibilities are endless, and the information collected and visualized will help you create an even better event for the next year!